Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

710,000 gsf bank headquarter competition entry


Nanjing Financial Town is located at the southern edge of Phase II of Hexi CBD. Its distinct location requires the buildings and public space to organize and become the anchor of the major master plan development.


The Urban Corridor and Green Valley developed along the Phase II of Hexi CBD expand into a larger 3D public space framed by the Gate Towers and Iconic Tower. The Gate Towers and the 480m Iconic Tower become the exciting final destination along this retail and landscaped public corridor.

A protective and energy-harvesting shell surrounds the four towers as they organize themselves to frame and anchor the Urban Corridor and Green Valley. The multipurpose function of this shell becomes its language and its identity. 

The “Gate Towers” configuration adds to the quality of the public and private space. For the public space, it provides shelter from direct sun, making outdoor conditions more pleasant; it also channels wind to further improve outdoor comfort. For the private space, it protects its most exposed facades from direct solar radiation, reducing cooling loads and orienting photovoltaic panels to optimize solar harvesting.

The Iconic Tower’s mostly triangular shape responds to the site configuration and its orientation. One of its broad facades is oriented due north and clad with a very simple clear glass, optimizing views of the Urban Corridor, Green Valley and Yangtze River. The two facades oriented mostly west and east take their form from the site and location, and are protected by a wrapping protective wall similar to the Gate Towers.

These walls, as well as the Gate Towers wall, are designed to reduce energy use and maximize energy harvesting. The cuts or carvings at mechanical and areas-of-refuge floors improve structural performance, reducing wind loads and vortex shedding. They also provide a special terrace space at special floors. At the top, a solar hot water system harvests the sun’s energy and shades the hotel amenities levels.